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Full service agency for everything Web and Cloud.

Web Presentations

Full-fledged web solutions, simple & capable CMS,
integrating your ERP


Web Advertising and Optimisation

Let the Web know you - Let the World know you.


Cloud Apps

From e-mail to cloud office. Everything a Cloud enabled business needs.


Systems & Solutions

From domain registration to hosting services. Custom-tailored turn-key solutions.



Progressive communications are changing the world. Your world too…


Software Development

From design to implementation.



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Our solutions.

Korporativne strani

Corporate Web Presentations

Turn-key solution. Multi-role, multi-user content management, customer relations, integrating enterprise services (ERP).

Uredniški sistemi

Editorial Systems

Web-based publishing workflow. For web and print. Many success stories.

Spletne rešitve

Web for You

Effective, pretty and cost-friendly web solutions, tailored to your needs.

Razvoj aplikacij


Web is not just for pages, it's an entire new app platform!

Spletno oglaševanje in optimizacija

Web Advertising and Optimisation

Let the Web know you. Let the World know you.

Cloud Office

Comprehensive cloud based solutions for your business. Of any size.


Being creative for decades…

  • 1996


    Internet has 10 M active users. PCs are spinning CD‑ROMs.
    T‑media founded.

  • 2001

    New Millennium, New Medium

    Google indexing 1G 326M 920k pages. Google AdWords (now Google Ads) launched. Wikipedia founded.
    Our Web pages production running like clockwork.

  • 2005

    Everything you want

    Facebook and Twitter born, Google offers search history. Web is a new app platform.
    We are happily coding to our customers' needs.

  • 2010

    The Cloud

    Web revolution is revolutionizing. Smartphones are everywhere.
    We enable new services.

  • 2015


    Smart phones, watches, drones are just the beginning. We are facing Internet of Things.
    Out tech is ready.

  • 2020


    Machine Learning, Convolutional Neural Networks.
    Even better decisions for you.

The Team

Out team has highly qualified experts with extensive knowledge of computers, IT systems, web technologies, and communication.



Responsible for implementation and maintenance of software

Sistemski inženirji

System Engineers

Responsible for smooth operations.

Vodje projektov

Project Managers

Responsible for meeting the demands and deadlines.

Strokovnjaki za oglaševanje

Advertising Specialists

Responsible for web marketing strategy and tactics.

Strokovnjaki za uporabniško izkušnjo

UX Experts

We work for the user first.

Strokovnjaki za splet in storitve v oblaku

Cloud and Web App Experts

Responsible for client adaptation and user support.

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